The cost of logistic is always important part in international trading. And as current trend, minimizing logistics costs is a problem that is always considered by business, so there are more and more developed and successful solution, typically Multimodal Transport.

Multimodal transport (also called combined transport) is a method that integrates at least two different modes of transport to carry goods; a singgle rate or joint billing is use by between the two shippers for the goods consigned, and share the responsibility for the delivery of services, so that a variety of transport resource can be fully and effectively utilized. The main purpose of complex transportation is to create a win- win  situatition, improve efficiency and complete transportation services. The advantages of combined transport make it possible  to reduce the risk of damage to the cargo in transit without having to reload and unload the cargo.

– Model of sea transport – air transport (Sea – Air)

– Model of road transport – air transport (Road- Air)

– Model of rail transport –road transport (Rail- road)

– Model of rail transport/ road transport/ inland waterway – sea transport (Rail/ Road/Inland waterway – Sea)

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